Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You always remember your first time

OK, here is my first post. The funny thing is, even though I'm a Web designer, I'm new to this blogging stuff.

As the blog description states, I started the official mycrazyhobby.com blog to post random thoughts about the hobby, traffic signs and signals that otherwise would not fit anywhere on the site.

I'll start out with a little reminiscing. I was going through some archaic ZIP disks and came across original designs for the site that I created around 1999. I never was happy with the initial design, and it was about two years before I finally came up with a concept I liked and finally launched the site. (It takes A LOT of Photoshop work to knock the backgrounds out of 250 street sign photos.)

Anyway, from the mycrazyhobby.com archive, here are some old designs:

The first one was designed in 1999, and it is clear that I was on some sort of "zebra stripe" kick. Very, very thin zebra stripes... everywhere. The idea behind the site was to just present general information and photos about old signs and signals, and the content would extend beyond the realm of my personal collection:

The second design was created after I decided that, quite honestly, the first one sucked. So I threw in some red around a couple of filtered street sign images and came up with the middle design.

And I got some pages done, and then decided that this design wasn't really my style. I wanted something minimalist; something contemporary. Like, IKEA. So I launched mycrazyhobby.com in 2003 with a design very similar to the third layout.

I'm finally content with the current design... well, at least for the rest of the year.

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