Sunday, January 25, 2009

All in a day's work for a street-sign maker

Ten questions for City of Aurora, Illinois, worker Javier Tovar, who creates many of the street signs and displays around town.,2_5_AU21_STREETSIGN_S1.article

To all of the other stingy street departments who refuse to give away or sell their scrap street signs, take a lesson from Aurora. Tovar says: "Every once in a while someone, a resident or one of the workers for the city, will go, 'Hey, I noticed you made a new sign, what are you going to do with the old sign?' If they catch us in time, we'll hand them over."


Poopskin the liar said...

Hmm, i live in naperville (a town next to Aurora). maybe i could ask him some stuff?

Robert Michael said...

Would I be able to write a guest post on your blog? I love street signs too, especially when I think they are humorous or if they have a person's name that I know.

If you would allow me to write a guest post please contact me at Thank you!

Micheal Waugh said...

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